I rewatched The Matrix recently with my kids. It holds up through the test
of time, like a few movies do, but which obviously Star Wars will not. I
gave my kids $40 to go watch the Rise of Skywalker and they decided to go
get ice cream and play TF2 instead, as a metric for cultural lock-in.

There's a lot of flashy fighting in The Matrix, none of which interests
kids above the age of 8, since they have seen every variation on superhero
punchy punchy possible. The part that rings true to them, of course, is
that Neo is a helpless loser, dragged along by circumstance, confused as to
the nature of his world, kept in the dark and then exposed to the horrible

Of course, the best scene in the Matrix is when he's in training. "You
think that's air you're breathing now?" And you can see his face change.

And we, in our field, have all seen that change, typically when you first
teach someone how to use a debugger, how to pull apart the shiny reality in
front of them into its component bytes.

Anyways, there's some amazing trainings happening at INFILTRATE
<http://infiltratecon.com/conference/training.html> this year, and if you
sign up now, I won't face a thousand people asking me for last minute
expansions of the classes, which makes the team want to throw things at me.

The Linux Kernel exploitation class is actually sold out, but the Margin
Research Vuln Analysis class, the Ghidra class, the Web Hacking class,
Azeria's IoT class, and the Sensepost Wifi class are all worth taking! I
promise only horrible truths.

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