On 08.08.2017 18:58, Guillaume Hoffmann wrote:
> * let let us see if we can skip this step and use darcsden directly...

I agree that it makes more sense to go forward at this point, rather
than trying to fix the ancient roundup stuff.

> * the main issue with darcsden is that there is no way of notifying
> some repository that a fork has patches for it (pull request).
> * but, there was an unmerged patch from 2014 that implemented patch
> bundle submission to darcsden repositories.
> * if we had this working we could take our current workflow from
> bugs.darc.net to hub.darcs.net
> * I manually rebased this patch at https://hub.darcs.net/gh/darcsden/
> , waiting for someone to review it. :-)

I am not familiar at all with the darcsden code, so I don't feel
qualified to do such a review.

Can you tell us a bit more how the patch bundle submission works in
darcsden? Will there be something that takes over the role of our
current patch tracker?


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