Hi Ben,

> I am not familiar at all with the darcsden code, so I don't feel
> qualified to do such a review.
> Can you tell us a bit more how the patch bundle submission works in
> darcsden? Will there be something that takes over the role of our
> current patch tracker?

Neither am I too familiar with darcsden's code so my manual rebase was
an opportunity to discover (part of) it.

What I know is that darcs uses the file _darcs/prefs/post to know what
to do when running "darcs send", as written in "darcs help send":

If `_darcs/prefs/post` exists in the target repository, darcs will
upload to the URL contained in that file, which may either be a
`mailto:` URL, or an `http://` URL.  In the latter case, the
patch is posted to that URL.

When a bundle is submitted to a Darcsden repository, I think it should
appears as an issue (this is what I get from the source code).

So bundles and issues are the same thing in the Darcsden interface. Is
it so, Simon?

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