By the way, I found this thread really interesting and informative,
and learned some things about git and version control.  So thanks for
the discussion.

Content-addressed storage is pretty interesting.  There was actually a
filesystem based on this, for Plan 9, called fossil.  It was a true
write-only filesystem and had some interesting properties that are
somewhat reminiscent of git.  The paper is a good read, like all the
plan 9 papers.

Another random aside, is that one of the things that broke when I
ported from darcs to git is that git removed the empty directories.
It turns out git doesn't support empty directories at all.  Of that's
due to how they implemented content-address storage and not the idea
itself, but it's still a bit of an awkward side-effect, along with the
more well-known "doesn't really support renames" one.
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