Hi all,

following the 2.14.0 release, here is a list of tasks I believe we can
work on now, with no particular assignment of these tasks to anyone in
particular. If you want to go ahead and do some of them, please let
the rest of us know. Also more ideas are welcome.

* simplify darcs.cabal by using Cabal 2.2's global configurations
* reintroduce the pretty-show dependency to enhance test suite output
* update DarcsDen to Darcs 2.14's API
* decide if include DarcsDen as part of Darcs' repository to avoid bitrot

More speculative:

* depend on cryptonite for SHA256 and SHA1 hashing?
* switch test suite from test-framework to tasty? (Just because tasty
is claimed to be more maintained than test-framework).

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