Am Donnerstag, 22. September 2016, 12:57:56 CEST schrieb Bruce Williams:
> Hi all,


> I'm just getting started with darktable, and am trying to work out if it's
> possible to view a date range?
> In Lightroom, you can create a collection using a range of dates, but as
> yet, I've not worked out how to do this in darktable. I find this kind of
> search useful for processing the images I've shot on either a multi-day
> shoot or a holiday.

With the current release version 2.0.6 you can only try to use '%' as a 
wildcard in the date field. In the upcoming 2.2 you can also define exact 
and comparisons for dates. If you are using a development build you should 
have that already. However, if you are still on a stable version then DON'T 
switch to a development build yet! It's currently quite unstable wrt. image 
results and there is no way back to a stable release!

> Cheers,
> Bruce Williams


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