I think the local copies function no longer works as intended.

I have exactly the setup as described in the manual (with a NAS as main storage). I make local copies of my pictures on a netbook and rate or colorlabel them while in train and when I'm back home I resync an reimport them in my main system. In the past (after last year's summer holiday) this worked.

Now after this year's summer holidays my wife wanted to rate some pictures and I gave her the netbook for that task. When she was ready I wanted to resync but nothing on the NAS happened. The xmp's did not change there but the local copies in .cache/darktable on the netbook got deleted.

Fortunately the database on the netbook still had the changes she did so finally with "write sidecar files" I was able to get the changes to the NAS.

I'm on Darktable 2.0.6

Thanks for this great piece of software
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