* David Vincent-Jones <david...@gmail.com> [08-10-17 19:54]:
> A fresh install of the new Opensuse 42.3 and I get a new dt error when I
> try to import files from my camera.
> "darktable - error locking database
> an error has occurred while trying to open the database from
> /home/david/.config/darktable/data.db
> the database lock file contains a pid that seems to be alive on your
> system:7661"
> The pid # changes if I close dt and retry
> If I ignore the problem, continue and 'click on cameras' the error
> message disappears and the import window opens.
> I notice that the problem of selecting images to download still needs
> the multi-tab workaround on this os version. That 'workaround' scenario
> is not needed with the Tumbleweed Opensuse version
> Am working with the up to date git.

maybe you didn't close darktable properly and left a lock file

stop darktable
ls -la .config/darktable |grep lock

rm -f .config/darktable/*.lock

try again

running Tw, don't know about a "multi-tab" work-a-round.
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