Am Donnerstag, 1. Februar 2018, 16:02:45 CET schrieb Pascal Bies:
> Hi folks,


> we're planning to create a fancy plugin for darktable. I already had a look
> at, however, I am not sure
> whether the plugin interface supports my needs.
> Thus, before I invest a lot of time, it would be great if you could tell me
> whether my plans are realistic.

It won't be straight forward. ;-)

> This is the use-case I imagine:
> 1. User makes a photography using special hardware.
> 2. User imports the raw image into darktable.

Nothing to do there I guess.

> 3. The plugin detects that it is from that special hardware (maybe using
> metadata?) and interrupts the import process.

That shouldn't be too hard.

> 4. while True:
> 4.1 The plugin does some fancy processing, maybe using external programs,
> libs, etc.

Calling external programs is no problem.

> 4.2 The plugin sends a rendered (preview) image to darktable which is shown
> to the user in turn.

That won't work with Lua at all, and even a proper compiled plugin won't be 
able to do that.

> 4.3 The user tweaks some plugin-specific buttons, sliders, ...
>    end

You can have sliders and buttons and call an external program, but getting its 
result into darktable will be hard.

Maybe I am missing some part, but if you want to do all the processing on your 
image in your own code, what do you need darktable for at all? If you could 
tell us a little more about your project that might help.

> Thank you very much
> Pascal


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