I got back to using darktable after a couple of months of leaving all my
edit backlog rot, and I noticed something that bothered me a bit: when I
open the color pallete from the watermark module, the window with the
pallete opens up in the middle of the screen. The problem here is that the
watermark module is not in the middle of the screen, it's in the
upper-right corner, so it'd be more usable to have the pallete appear near
of where I clicked the button to open it.

I know this is not terribly urgent, and I suspect implementing that change
may mean a lot of stuff behind the scenes, but it *would* be a gain in
usability. I'm thinking that if getting the position of the button is a
problem, maybe opening the window in a position relative to the mouse
cursor may be an ugly hack that works well for this.

~ Ariel

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