I just had a look on https://raw.pixls.us/ which says: RAWs are wanted from

  * *Nikon & Sony*: all the combinations of compression and bitness
    settings, plus all the raw sizes, that is:
      o 12bit-compressed
      o 12bit-uncompressed
      o 12bit-lossless-compressed
      o 14bit-compressed
      o 14bit-uncompressed
      o 14bit-lossless-compressed
      o small NEF
      o medium NEF

My D500 provides RAWs of part of the sensor (cropping) resulting in lower overall MPix size.
So instead of 5568 x 3712 there are 4272 x 2848 Pixel left.

Are RAWs of those smaller image size also needed for the archive?




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