Hi All,

When I generate a HDR dng from five ARW's, the (custom)white balance isn't set 
correctly.  Even when I set the white balance by copying parameters from the 
images it was composed of, there are other problems with the color.  I'm not 
sure, maybe base curve is off.  When I try to copy the presets, these aren't 
offered as options to copy, so I am having trouble getting the color and tint 

When I store presets the lens correction doesn't store a custom lens.

Also, this maybe a lensfun problem(it seems to happen in RawTherapee also), I'm 
not sure, but when I have a custom lens profile, it looks pretty good, but when 
I zoom step by step to certain level all of the sudden it seems way off.  It 
seems much worse in the HDR DNG's.  When reading about UFRaw, it mentioned that 
one of the cavities was that the lensfun was applied at a wrong step in the 
processing pipeline, and someone mentioned that RawTherapee also has this 
problem.  It makes me wonder if darktable also has this problem in dome 

Sincerely yours,

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