It looks like I was able to find what action causes this problem.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Download, unpack and import as folder —
n?id=14sZLgnpZSV5W3pw1K_8owHW29Heq9EWz (don't pay attention to content
and settings)
2. Choose second picture and click (in lighttable mode) copy history
stack and choose, let's say, 'shadows and highlights' settings.
3. Apply it (paste) to first picture, open it, compress history stack
and close DT.
4. Now compare XMP files, first one is twice bigger than second one (in
my case ~700kB vs ~1400kB). Meanwhile in darkroom mode history stack
looks the same.

Can anyone comment, what is going on here?

On Sat, 2018-04-07 at 19:22 +0300, Timur Irikovich Davletshin wrote:
> Hello everybody!
> I'm sorry but I will address this question again (posted earlier as
> user question) because this issue just irritates me quite often.
> I have a lot of files imported in 2014-15 which have problem I
> describe
> a bit later. May be it will give some clues but files imported in
> 2012-
> 13 and in 2016 (and later) are not affected (years started to use
> DT).
> I open files randomly time to time so DT updates old saidecar files
> if
> it likes. So affected files are not original files created in 2014-
> 15.
> I don't know since which DT version it started but all files which
> are
> affected now have huge sidecar files — 10-25 megabytes. So as
> expected
> XML parser (which is single threaded I believe and not hardware
> accelerated) takes very long time to load and write sidecar files.
> Meanwhile editing is not any slower.
> I tried little trick — I just removed all history stack by clicking
> "original" and compressing it. I expected sidecar to shrink but it
> remained nearly the same. I tried opening this file and it is full of
> old tags related to masks, spot removal, etc... which were used long
> time ago and no longer present in history stack or mask manager.
> Looks
> like DT doesn't handle (or couldn't handle in earlier versions)
> importing of files created in previous DT versions.
> Thanks is advance,
> Timur.
> P.S. Sample RAW + XMP (plus XMP after removing history stack):
> https://
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