* Jørn Villesen Christensen <darktable-...@mettle.dk> [01-13-20 05:14]:
> Hi there,
> I have been using Darktable 3.0 for a while – and thank you for your great
> work. Darktable has some nice new features that I really enjoy.
> However, there is one feature that I find a bit annoying, it has to do with
> (implicit) discard of history.
> Example:
> 1. I have a photo with say 20 edits in the history.
> 2. The last thing I have done was to play with a module, lets say Tone
>    Curve, but decided against it. I therefore click on entry 19 in the
>    history, and I get the photo before me playing around.
> 3. I leave the photo for a while and then come back to it. (Actually
>    not necessary for anything else than demonstrating my poor memory :-D ).
> 4. When I come back to it, I decide to add a bit of noise filtering (a
>    step I often add in the end because it is heavy on the processing).
>    When I enable the de-noise filter, the whole image change lighting –
>    and it takes me a second or two to realise that it is because the
>    entry no. 20 (the reverted Tone curve edit) has not been discarded,
>    but instead the history has been fast-forwarded and the de-noise has
>    been added as entry 21.
> In this scenario, I am used to edit no. 20 being discarded, and the de-noise
> filter just applied on the image "as is".

*Unless* you "compress" the history stack, the focus location on the stack
is only pertinent if you make a new edit, then that "net edit" will
replace everything above your location on the stack.

ie: the stack has 21 entries and you have focused on 18 and leave that
image, when  you return you will still have 21 entries.  If you focuse on
18 and compress the stack, you will then have 18 or less depending on
whether you have utilized a particular module more than one time without
initiating a multiple/new instance.

clear as mud?

placing the focus on an entry in the history stack and leaving the image
does not change the history stack.

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