We have been discussion the plan for dt 3.6, here it is:

- release        - T0    : July 3rd
- code freeze    - T0-10 : June 23rd - start create binaries
- string freeze  - T0-12 : June 11th - start translation
- feature freeze - T0-30 : June 1st  - only code fix
- safe mode      - T0-45 : mid-May   - only safe simple code

So if you are cooking something to be merged be sure to propose it
before June especially if this needs some days before to review.

I also take the opportunity to remind all translators that it is
possible (and advised) to keep the translation up-to-date as there is
many strings change. The procedure to do that simply using the up-to-
date darktable.pot is documented here:



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