short update from my side. Looks like I have found a way to restore the original OpenCL performance of NVIDIA devices with recent driver versions.

Currently we have some other issues with the OpenCL codepath in master which prevents me from working there. If this gets sorted out soon, I will apply the changes there. If problems there persist longer I'll make a dedicated patch into the darktable-2.0.x branch latest tomorrow.


Am 13.09.2016 um 06:12 schrieb I. Ivanov:
Hi Guys,

Did somebody notice slowing down since DT 2.0.6? I am on ubuntu 16.04 64
bit. 8Gig RAM. I noticed somewhat slower performance of DT. Experimented
with turning off Open CL and it looks like the speed improved. My
security patches are up to date as released by ubuntu.

Is it only me?



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