Am Sonntag, 18. September 2016, 05:45:27 CEST schrieb James:
> For years, I've had my Nikon D200 insert an Image Comment in each *.xmp
> file that contains a makeshift copyright symbol along with my name and
> phone number.
> My phone number has changed several times so I wrote a simple bash script
> that uses sed to exchange each of the old phone numbers with the current
> one whenever they're found. The script runs well. I view any modified *.xmp
> and clearly see that the phone numbers have been updated.
> Problem is, when I view those photos in Darktable, the old number/s still
> appear in the Metadata Editor as though nothing's been changed.
> Does Darktable store this information in another location or it is a matter
> of getting it to reread or refresh?

darktable caches these things in a database. Try enabling "look for updated 
xmp files in startup" in the core tab of the preferences. Theoretically that 
should make darktable notice when XMP files changed behind its back and offer 
to re-read them.

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