Am 21.09.2016 um 20:00 schrieb Pascal Obry:
> Strange since some of us have far more than 50k images. It was even
> reported by a user that he had 100k images IIRC.
> Maybe he reached an issue with the "old" mipmap cache?
> Not sure, but to me dt is fast for everything.

I have nearly 50K on my system.
I've no problems with watchching or developing my photos.

Export or creating thumbs is a bit slow because it's only an i3 with
graphics on board, no GPU. A'm working to change this soon ..

Slowest part, I think, is the tagging.
Maybe I'm tagging too much: place, persons, event, ...

For my old slide-scans I tag also film-type and camera-model, cause they
have no exif-data.

DT try to give my some intelligent suggestions while tagging.
For example: when I tag (the german word for) "house-cleaning", DT
suggests to tag also the name of my wife  ;-)
  - really!

DT trys to analyse "pairs of tagging". The database-table "tagxtag" has
2.2 Million entries for my 45K pictures.
Typing in the tag-mask seems to freeze the programm. I have to wait many
I would like to switch this feature off for faster work.


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