Le jeudi 22 septembre 2016 à 21:09 +0100, Graham White a écrit :
> So what on earth is going on here?

If I understand correctly there is no solution for you with darktable.
Indeed, darktable is using CUPS and you're using a dedicated RIP with
TurboPrint. A profile for RIP/TurboPrint cannot be used with CUPS as
those a just different drivers.

That's the same problem if you would try to use an Epson profile for a
given paper on Epson Web site which is done for the Windows driver and
so is not meant to be used with CUPS. That's also why the paper maker
are providing profile for Windows and for Mac, not because the OS are
different but because both are using different print drivers.

There is no easy solution.

So you can continue printing with TurboPrint or redo your profile for

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