Using your solution I finally was able to import... May I suggest including this text (or something to the same effect) to the Darktable manual, section (Importing from a connected camera), sub-section "Import from camera":

[existing text: This will bring up an import dialog, showing the images on camera that can be selected for import into a film roll in darktable.] In certain circumstances the import dialog will not allow selection using familiar gestures (ctrl-a; left-click + ctrl or alt). In that case you can press repeatedly the Tab key on your keyboard until one of the images appears surrounded with a thin white dotted line; pressing Ctrl-a will then select all the images and you can start downloading. That workaround does not allow you to select images."

This would save time for puzzled users and those who try to help them.
Thank you!


Le 2016-10-15 à 13:15, Pascal Obry a écrit :
Le samedi 15 octobre 2016 à 12:55 -0400, Normand Fortier a écrit :
That does not work for me, actually pressing enter at any point has
effect whatsoever. I'm not sure when the click / ctrl / alt appeared
breaking this behavior is, shall we say, not very astute; if I
understand well it is a gtk problem.
Any explanation of the "tab" workaround?

Yes, the issue seems to be a widget selection. The "tab" key will cycle
through all the widgets on the dialog, at some point the "tree"
containing all the images will be selected and then a ctrl-a will
select all images as intended.

That workaround has been working for me and many others.

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