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Paul Deverson <p...@pauldeverson.com> wrote:

>It seems to makes sense to me to use Sharpen in darktable as a
>Capture sharpener, but given that I’m only applying a modest
>sharpening at this stage, it’s hard to determine the optimum amount
>by looking at the screen.
>Do any of you seasoned users use it this way and if so, what
>settings have you found suitable?

I am very seasoned, but I'm not a seasoned Darktable user.

I use mogrify/imagemagick to apply sharpening after the resizing. DT
doesn't do a good job at sharpening if there is resizing involved. It
looks like the sharpening happens in the pipe before the resizing.

RawTherapee allows for sharpening after resizing and does an excellent
job at that, but no DAM...

I wish there was a spot for executing some bash commands after the
export for each of the files exported, so I could use both 'my'
mogrify and 'my' exiftool to remove all the 'extras' that I don't want
to keep and to add all the copyrights...


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