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> I haven't really kept up with PC hardware in the meantime, so I'm curious 
> what y'all would recommend for CPUs.  How much is a decent amount to spend 
> for something high-end in the US market?  I'm guessing that dropping a grand 
> on something/really/ high end is probably unnecessary, but maybe I'm wrong.  
> I'm also not sure how parallelized DT is in practice, and whether I should be 
> looking for more cores or faster clock speed.
Since cores and threads along with GPU are the most important part when
doing post processing everybody seems to agree on that AMD Ryzen is
where you currently gets the most bang for the bug.
An example of an in-depth build of a Ryzen 7 system and a comparison
between Ryzen 7, Intel i7 and Apple Mac Pro can be found here in the 5
part series:

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