On 2018-02-04 01:16 PM, Šarūnas wrote:
On 02/04/2018 02:41 PM, Robert Bieber wrote:
Hi everyone,

I think it's time to finally replace the computer I built five-ish years
ago.  It was a good machine at the time, but since then my RAW files
have gone from 8MP to 16MP and now to 40, and running more expensive
iops, especially with masks and so on, is getting to be pretty sluggish.

I haven't really kept up with PC hardware in the meantime, so I'm
curious what y'all would recommend for CPUs.  How much is a decent
amount to spend for something high-end in the US market?  I'm guessing
that dropping a grand on something/really/ high end is probably
unnecessary, but maybe I'm wrong.
It may depend on where on Earth, but “grand” as in ~1000USD, will only
get you half-way, at best, to a high end PC...

You may want to check AMD Ryzen 5/7 + some higher-end GPUs, NVMe solid
state storage, healthy amounts of RAM.

Sorry for butting in... but what would be a reasonable amount of RAM for DT? When expected life of a computer is at least 5-7 years from now?

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