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How do I set the export selected size.

I need: 8" tall x 10" wide @ 300dpi ==> 2400 pixels tall x 3000
pixels wide

* If i use 2400 x 3000 in the max size global option, I get: Image
  Size : 2400x1947 (exiftool)
* If I use 0x0, I get: Image Size : 4263x3459
* If I use 3000x3000, I get: Image Size : 3000x2434 (close)

Is there a way of getting exactly 2400x3000?
No, not through the export dialog, the "Crop" module should help
here, though.

3000/2434 = 1.23
4263/3459 = 1.23
2400/1947 = 1.23
10"/8"        = 1.25...

Two problems:
1 - Your image has a different aspect ratio than your paper (1.23 vs
1.25). Darktable chooses to keep the aspect ratio of the image,
while fitting it within the specified rectangle. Of, course,
darktable could stretch/shrink the image to fit, I suppose...

2 - in your first attempt, you swapped the width and height:
darktable expects the output format as 'width x height', so for your
case '3000 x 2400', you asked for '2400 x 3000' output. (see the
mouse-over popups)
Actually, I didn't express myself properly.

1. I just check and my crop is actually 8x10

https://i.imgur.com/5TpnxUx.png (crop module)

2. What should I put in the export selected size for 8 tall by 10
wide with the correct crop?

Do you export to jpg?

Might be an issue with block size of that format? - Just a guess but perhaps someone with more knowledge might judge on that ... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JPEG#Block_splitting




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