Hello dt users,

I don't use Windows for more than 5 years and used to be very happy with
Linux (Ubuntu, in my case). Until Ubuntu 14.04 or 15.10 I was, at least. In
that time, I could use the AMD HD 7730M 2gb GPU of my Dell Inspiron 7520
Core I7 notebook, 8gb RAM.

When dt started to use GTK 3.0, I had to upgrade to Ubuntu 16.04, in order
to be able to compile the package.
With Ubuntu 16.04, I lost the graphics card proprietary driver. No more
AmdGPU, no more Opencl, and my computer is like a snail nowadays... Even
with fresh installation of Ubuntu 16.04.

My options are:

Buy a new Laptop (maybe a Gamer machine with Geforce 1050) for a lot of


Say goodbye to Linux and go back to Windows, since AMD still supports my
graphics card (last update february/2018) and dt now runs on Windows.

My questions are:
1) Is dt for windows stable, right now?

2) What are your opinion about the above scenario?

Thank you in advance!
André Felipe

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