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> DT 2.4.1 on archlinux
> I'm having problem using Ctrl-t (assigning tags).
> 1. I highlight the image
> 2. Ctrl-t ==> the dark grey input box shows up
> 3. I start typing and the choice box pops up with the correct choices
> 4. I scroll down with the down arrow to highlight the correct one
> 5. Press enter to select it

If the tag already exists (which it does as it shows up in the search results) 
then you have to hit enter twice. The first time it's selected from the list 
into the input field, the second applies it. At least for me it shows up in 
the tagging module afterwards, too.

> It doesn't show up in the "tagging box"
> If I scroll up and down in the "tagging choices" below the "tagging
> box" and double click on the tag selected, then DT adds it to the
> "tagging box"
> Are there been some change in the handling of the Ctrl-t? Am I doing
> something wrong? or a bug/glitch?

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