This is the cl feedback .... there is no mention of the gimp.lua
I am currently showing Lua version as 5.3.4 ... appears to be the latest.

david@carbon:~> darktable -d lua
[imageop_init_presets] updating 'basecurve' preset 'fujifilm like' from
version 4 to version 5
LUA ERROR API Version: 5.0.0
LUA ERROR : /home/david/.config/darktable/lua/selection_to_pdf.lua:39:
Module selection_to_pdf is not compatible with API 5.0.0


On 03/06/2018 03:40 PM, Patrick Shanahan wrote:
> * David Vincent-Jones <> [03-06-18 09:28]:
>> For some reason my Lua scripts are not showing as export options.
>> With Gimp (for example) the 'require "official/gimp" ' entry does exist
>> and is correctly located in the ~/.config/darktable/luarc file.  None of
>> the other Lua options are also showing.  ....  What am I missing?
> did you start dt from the cl to see what you are missing?
>   darktable -d lua
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