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> Hello
> 1. ImageMagick
> Coming from LR, I was using in LR a very useful script called LRMogrify to
> resize, add borders, .... on my final images.
> DT is a very powerful but I do not know if a "DRMogrify" is available ....
> LRMogrify is a binary compiled script, so reverse is quite hard.
> Does anybody has already done some scripts to use ImageMagick on windows ?
> Bindings with ImagMagick exist on Lua but Iam not very fluent with Lua now
> and I do not know is they work on windows  ....
> Hope someone could give me an answer.

I  looked at LR2/Mogrify.  Nothing like that currently exists in the lua
scripts repository.  l don't know if someone is working on it or not.  It
does look like it would be useful.  Right now we're working on windows and
macos compatibility for the scripts.  Once that's done, I'll take a look at
it, unless someone beats me to it.

> 2. DTPlugins
> Another question : I have found here https://github.com/
> wpferguson/Nik_Collection some scripts refering to "DTPlugins", but I
> have not found any doc or informations about these DTPlugin on the web. Is
> this a way to add plugins in DT ?

The exporter is meant to get images from inside darktable (usually as a
raw) to outside darktable (as a jpg, tif, png, etc.)  When I wrote Edit
with GIMP I "abused" the exporter and returned the image to darktable, so
Edit with GIMP acts as a plugin.  DTPlugin is a work in progress to
separate external processors, such as gimp, enfuse, hugin, the Nik
Collection, etc. that return processed images to darktable, into a plugin
interface and get them out of the exporter.  Having a plugin interface also
gives us some advantages such as being able to save the xcf file from GIMP
and reuse it if I want to make further changes to an image that I had
already edited in GIMP.  DTPlugin currently lives only on my machine.  I
use it daily and periodically improve it. The version on github is sadly
out of date.  It's not currently windows or macos compatible.  Once we've
figured out windows and macos compatibility, I'll make some updates and see
about pushing a new version out to githup.  And yes, I use the Nik
Collection, running under wine, with darktable.

I also wrote exporter versions of the Nik Collection. They currently have
hard coded paths inside them, but with the recent changes we've made for
windows and macos compatibility I should be able to get them to work and be
useful to others without them having to edit the code.  I could put them
out on my github.

One thing about macos compatibility.  That is still a work in progress
because I don't have access to a mac, so I'm coding, shipping it off to be
tested, then trying again.  We'll get there, but it might take awhile.

> JJ Monot
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