To get an image squeaky clean, you can set the blend mode to multiply and then work the opacity slider to taste. Mind you, this tends to make things a bit clinical.


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Thanks to all. It does help.

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Matej Martinovic <> wrote:


denoising in darktable is somewhat tricky:

Use the *denoise (profiled)*, set it to "wavelet" and set blend mode
to "color". This eliminates the awful color noise. Use a *second
instance* of denoise (profiled), set it to non-local means and
choose blend mode "lightness". With that second instance i'll
usually reduce the strength or opacity to my liking to keep some

You can set some presets and have them apply the correct denoising

This info is also available in the manual, under Denoise – profiled -> mode.


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DT 2.4.1

I'm having problems with the denoising:
Canon 7DMkII and Canon 70-200L IS f/4 ISO1250

* before denoise:
* denoise profiled: and it's very
* equalizer denoise: (w/o the
    denoise profiled). Less blotchy than profiled but not good

I have also tried Rawtherapee
* after noise reduction: and it's

What can I do to improve the image?

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