Your examples interest me since they are shown on a blue subject. My
experience with a fully profiled sensor is that the 'basic' Denoise
(profiled) works quite well by itself EXCEPT for blue sky areas.

My sky areas tend to form into rosette clumps whenever some reasonable
degree of processing is applied. It has led me to believe that it is the
blue color that is causing the greatest problem.


On 03/07/2018 07:59 PM, wrote:
> DT 2.4.1
> I'm having problems with the denoising:
> Canon 7DMkII and Canon 70-200L IS f/4 ISO1250
> Darktable:
> * before denoise:
> * denoise profiled: and it's very
>   blotchy 
> * equalizer denoise: (w/o the
>   denoise profiled). Less blotchy than profiled but not good either.
> I have also tried Rawtherapee
> * after noise reduction: and it's
>   excellent
> What can I do to improve the image?
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