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> DT 2.4.1 on manjaro.
> Occasionally, I get DT crashes. It's always:
> 1. Start DT which returns me to the Lightable at the last images I
> did something to it.
> 2. I want to do more, press D which switches successfully to the
> darkroom
> 3. After a few seconds (I guess some processing) it crashes.
> When I do it a second time, the exact same steps and the same image
> it doesn't crash.
> * I have tried with "-d all" on the second time, but it doesn't crash.
> * I have also found that DT sometimes crashes on startup if the last
>   Ctrl-Q/exit was done in the Darkroom. But again, it's not
>   consistent, it's not every time and of course "-d all" serves
>   no purpose when it's working.

"-d all" doesn't serve any purpose when it's not working either. There is 
really no point using that flag at all, no one is going to wade through the 
giant amount of logs it creates. Just ignore it.

There is one thing that will help: a backtrace. By default darktable should 
create it in /tmp/ when it crashes. There are cases when that is not possible, 
like using Ubuntu or crashing too early in the start process. In those cases 
you can run darktable in gdb manually and create the backtrace like this once 
it crashed:

set pagination off
set logging file gdb.txt
set logging on
thread apply all bt full

Then the backtrace is being written to gdb.txt


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