On 02/04/18 09:49, Bernd wrote:
> I although want to complain!
> But only about people who always have to complain about everything!
> Hey here are some developers who do a great job with DT and they want to
> have some fun as well.
> Everybody get the Software for free. If you dont like it spend several
> hundred $ and buy you some software without fun.
> But dont complain here.
> The detail with the easter egg was very nice, too.
> To the developers from DT: Great job!

I totally agree! Yes, dealing with easter eggs requires some kind of
humour, and this is different between cultures and people. But dt is a
project of its developers only, I assume they are mostly doing it for
fun, and they are doing an extremely great job. And noone is forced to
like and use darktable. And most users (including me) will not have
contributed at all, not with code, not with money. So use it, or not,
but do not complain.

Best regards,

Michael Staats
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