I've been looking for a way to be able to
display an image I just shot. This is not what
is usually understood by wireless 'tethering'; I
want to continue to use my camera. It's just to
be able to see the result on a larger screen.

Nikon's networking isn't worth mentioning, so I
finally hit on the recently apparently defunct
eye-fi, which seems to have support by Nikon.
This isn't ideal, because these cards are very
small and slow, but for some situations, it
might be OK. I didn't yet figure out to make
the eyefiserver work on linux, but I guess I'll
do so eventually.

My question is, if there is some support by
darktable for this. The eveyfiserver has an
option allowing to run a program every time a
new file has arrived. I could imagine another
option besides darktable's 'tethering' entering
such a mode to show that image in darktroom. Of
course, a new commandline option would be
needed, such that eyefiserver can inform a
running darktable instance that the file is now
available at a given pathname. It would break a
bit darktable's philosophy, as I wouldn't
expect that image to belong to any film roll or
collection. I'd prefer to do that later when
importing the images properly. It's mainly for
instant visualization and the possibility to
check the behaviour of some tools and that

Or is there a better solution to this?

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