On mardi 10 avril 2018 15:13:35 CEST ktbgud wrote:
> I have just downloaded Darktable for Mac.
> I am a photographer. I do not know too much about linux and stuff.
> All my photos are stored on 2 external hard drives, about 3T's worth.
> I can not figure out how to import to Darktable. The external drives just do
> not show up. I can import from the home drive of my computer OK, but it is
> just not feasible to move or copy my photos there.

If your external drives are visible with your file manager, Darktable should 
also see them.

Stupid question, but: have you tried to use "folder" under the "import" tab 
(left-most column when you are in 'lighttable' mode)? 
>From there, I can navigate to any drive/folder that is visible in my normal 
file manager (that's under Linux, but that should not make a difference).

If you already tried that, then perhaps you could tell us how those external 
drives are connected to your computer (USB, network, ...).

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