On 04/10/18 17:54, Niranjan Rao wrote:
On Ubuntu 16.04, darktable 2.4.1

I have experimented with "selected images/ create HDR" and happy with the results. I have setup my camera to do bracketing and I select three raw images from the camera manually and click on create HDR button.

Is there anyway to automate the process - may be with the aid of lua script or something as it's getting tedious to do the same thing for large number of images.

I was thinking some command line script where I can pass three file names to darktable and darktable will create HDR files from these. I can (relatively) easily write a script where I can get the file triplets, but don't know how ask darktable to combine these three and create HDR file.

Is there any way to specify where HDR output files will be created? Otherwise, I am getting lot of duplicate looking images in my lighttable view.



Not a direct answer, but maybe enfuse from http://enblend.sourceforge.net/index.htm will be an easier solution.. I configured enfuse as an editor within geeqie (mime definition), select the images to blend, and right-click - edit - enfuse them. Pretty simple and fast. I do not know weather this works with raw files. I convert raw files before using enfuse.

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