* Gonçalo Marrafa <goncalo.marr...@gmail.com> [04-12-18 07:35]:
> Hi.
> My library is split between my local hard drive and a mounted remote
> filesystem on a NAS. I want to move some of the film rolls from the local
> hard drive to the NAS.
> I have been using Darktable to manually move each of the film rolls but
> that is a tedious task since there are many of them. I would like to know
> if there is a faster/easier way of doing it?

I have been doing that for several years using dt after finish a film
> If i move the files manually with a file manager and then re-import them
> into Darktable will i loose any changes or metadata, tags, ratings,
> etc.?  I have enabled sidecar files.

you should not, and I seem to recall it not necessary to remove them from
the db first as on import dt will recognize the files already exist in the
db and adjust the location.  note that that recollection may be incorrect.
> Is there some script that automates this?

not to my knowledge.

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