Op 10-07-18 om 23:50 schreef Coding Dave:
In reality the options darktable offers make it a nice tool for experts and a horrible tool for beginners. For people that did not start with an easy to use program like LR it is even harder because the learning curve is so high.

You've hit the nail on the head. I use DT much less than I'd like just because of the complexity of the GUI and the organisation of the modules. I shoot in raw and for my vacation pics, I only need the basics to brush them up. But I never know where to find what I need. And I really don't want to become a DT expert. That would be so much missing the point.  So what happens is that I save up  a years worth of pictures (perhaps one hundred) re-learn how to use DT and then process them in the second evening of the "DT 101 course". So yes, I support the Basic option with a passion :-)


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