Op 12-07-18 om 04:30 schreef David Vincent-Jones:
The 'simple slider' misses out on all of those subtle nuances that makes the output from dt so much different from other systems.

And that's exactly why I'd like such a simple slider, indeed to get rid of all the subtle nuances.

Your idea for instance in providing simple sliders for 'shadows' and 'highlights' ...... what filter would you want and what radius?

That's for DT to figure out, or for the SSD (Simple Slider Developer ;-)
Anything which is an improvement over the non-edited version is acceptable. And then the person behind the keyboard can select the improvement, or deselect it if it didn't give it sufficient improvement from his perspective.

... and if I wanted other filters would that be just too bad. It takes time and patience to appreciate the fullness of dt,

You have no idea how often I've been annoyed by the fact that I can't find what I think I need, at which point DT doesn't give me any support. Just because of the complicated UI and the enormous amount of options. For the couple of times per year that I process my raw images it again and again takes me a few nights to get going. So yes, for the expert I think there is a use case to have all those options available. For the occasional photographer like myself DT is a dense tropical forest hard to find your way through. BTW, the more options available to more important it becomes to have a very well organized UI, whether professional photographer or not.

It takes time and patience to appreciate the fullness of dt,

Why do I need to appreciate te fullness of DT?

in my opinion that effort is well compensated through the creative capability.

That's not me you're talking about. IMO you're generalizing the DT population as (semi) professional photographers who can't survive without all the bells and whistles of DT at their disposal.


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