Answering part of mine own question. Converting to DNG solves the problem but I 
don't know what I'm losing converting to DNG.


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On Sat, Aug 11, 2018 at 16:49, Mike Strock <> wrote:

> I have a set of files I shot with a Nikon D3400.  I was bringing them into 
> Lightable today, and when double clicking on an image to bring it up, i get 
> the message that says 'Failed to read camera white balance information.'
> I've not seen this before, but admittedly since I switched back to Canon, I 
> don't have a lot of Nikon NEF files left.
> Is this a known issue? If I convert the NEF files to DNG will that resolve 
> the issue with reading camera white balance?
> Mike Strock
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