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>Anyway, Subhash, are you expecting your "edits" such as exposure,
>colors, sharpness, etc to be imported into darktable from lightroom? If
>that would be possible at all then my world would collapse... Those
>things - the processing pipeline - are proprietary to lightroom and will
>probably never ever be supported by darktable.

>The only thing you can expect to import is the metadata (Title,
>copyright, tags, ... I.e. text that you entered in lightroom). Maybe
>this would shed some light: https://mathiashueber.com/migrate-from-

Then my information is not correct or I understood it wrong. Look:

>>We can classify the importation support in three categories:
>>    100% accurate:
>>        crop
>>        rotation
>>        flip
>>        tags
>>    Mostly accurate:
>>        exposure / blacks
>>        grain
>>        tone curve (only lightness supported)
>>        color zones
>>        local contrast
>>    Needs tweaking:
>>        vignette – The forms are not imported (rounded box effect).
>>        spots removal – There is two kind of processing on Lightroom
>>(clone, heal).
From <https://www.darktable.org/2013/02/importing-lightroom-development/>

Also Bruce Williams reported in his first video of "understanding darktable" 
that he could preserve about 98% of the work he has done in Lightroom over the 

(Thank you for the link; I red this before.)

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