on top of the two easy patches I sent I am seeing this one:
usr/dash/exec.c: In function ‘find_command’:
usr/dash/exec.c:290: error: storage size of ‘statb’ isn’t known
usr/dash/exec.c:299: warning: implicit declaration of function ‘stat64’
usr/dash/exec.c:290: warning: unused variable ‘statb’
make[2]: *** [usr/dash/exec.o] Error 1

hmm which include is exec.c missing?
netbsd ash seems to have evolved using stat and no longer stat64,
any hint what I should do here to make this compile:
~/src/klibc$ make   KLIBCKERNELSRC=`pwd`/../linux-2.6 

it be cool to be able to compile klibc again with global debug on. :)
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