On Fri, Jan 21, 2011 at 01:06:02PM +0000, Jilles Tjoelker wrote:
> What you can do is use PRIdMAX from <inttypes.h>, normally defined as
> "jd". You can then define this to "lld" or "jd" if it is not defined.
> I think this makes the code uglier (just like your change), but oh well.

I agree.  Brian, please update your patch accordingly.


> By the way, I wonder what the advantage of imaxdiv() above separate %
> and / is. Compilers can detect the matching between a % b and a / b and
> do it in one operation, and any use of imaxdiv() trips gcc's
> -Waggregate-return.

It used to generate smaller code with gcc.  If gcc now knows how
to optimise it properly then I guess we can remove imaxdiv.

I just checked and gcc 4.4.5 still generates two divisions without
imaxdiv.  On the other hand gcc doesn't even inline imaxdiv.

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