On 26/02/2018 08:03, Harald van Dijk wrote:
On 2/13/18 2:53 PM, Denys Vlasenko wrote:
$ >'\zzzz'
$ >'\wwww'
$ dash -c 'echo "\*"'
\wwww \zzzz

There's another case where this goes wrong, that isn't fixed by your, my, or Herbert's patches:

$ dash -c 'a=\\a; echo "${a#\*}"'

$ bash -c 'a=\\a; echo "${a#\*}"'

My patch and Herbert's preserve dash's current behaviour, your patch makes it print a. None of that is correct, the result should be the same as bash.

Never mind, this is a very bad test. I forgot about echo's backslash handling. Had my terminal emulator given any feedback on \a, I might have noticed that before sending. This test doesn't show anything wrong in this area, but I'll check a bit more.

Harald van Dijk
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