On Wed, Oct 12, 2016 at 07:24:26PM +0200, Harald van Dijk wrote:
> > I would have expected another exception to be in alias expansions that
> > end in a backslash. Shells are not entirely in agreement there, but most
> > appear to treat this the regular way, meaning
> >
> >   dash -c 'alias bs=\\
> >   bs
> >   '
> >
> > prints nothing.

I think your patch changes this.  In order to preserve the existing
behaviour (which seems logical), you should change the second pgetc
call in pgetc_eatbnl to pgetc2.

> With more extensive testing, the only issue I've seen is what Jilles 
> Tjoelker had already mentioned, namely that backslash-newline should be 
> preserved inside single-quoted strings, and also that it should be 
> preserved inside heredocs where any part of the delimiter is quoted:
>    cat <<\EOF
>    \
>    EOF
> dash's parsing treats this mostly the same as a single-quoted string, 
> and the same extra check handles both cases.
> Here's an updated patch. Hoping this looks okay and can be applied.

I'm fine with the concept.  However, your patch also breaks here-
document parsing when the delimiter is a single backslash.

        cat << "\"

If you can fix these two problems it should be good to go.

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