On 3/7/18 5:29 PM, Herbert Xu wrote:
On Sun, Mar 04, 2018 at 10:29:25PM +0100, Harald van Dijk wrote:

Another pre-existing dash parsing bug that I encountered now is $(( ( $(( 1
)) ) )). This should expand to 1, but gives a hard error in dash, again due
to the non-recursive nature of dash's parser. A small generalisation of what
I've been doing so far could handle this, so it makes sense to me to try to
achieve this at the same time.

Thanks for the patches.  You have convinced that a stacked syntax
is indeed necessary.  However, I'd like to do the reversion of the
run-time quote book-keeping patch in a separate step.

I also didn't quite like the idea of scanning the string backwards
to find the previous syntax.  So here is my attempt at the recursive
parsing using alloca.

Nice approach.

It's not completely recursive in that I've
maintained the existing behaviour of double-quotes inside parameter
expansion inside double-quotes.  However, it does seem to address
most of the issues that you have raised.

One thing I found it doesn't handle, although it does look like you try to support it, is ${$-"}"}, which should expand to the same thing as $$. This doesn't work because the first " is CDQUOTE, not CENDQUOTE, so synstack->innerdq doesn't get set, and there's nothing else that prevents the quoted } from being treated as the end of the variable substitution.

As I have not reverted the run-time quote book-keeping, the handling
of $@/$* remains unchanged.

I'll try to re-do those fixes based on the approach you're going for here.

Harald van Dijk
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