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Cellular organelles are clustered around the central nucleus in a zone devoid 
of contractile filaments. 

Although each smooth muscle cell  Tinnitus 911  surrounded by a basal lamina, 
it  Tinnitus 911  lacking in areas where the cells communicate with each other 
by Gap-type junctions. These junctions, also called nexus , are widespread and 
allow the diffusion of excitement from one cell to another. 
A particular character Tinnitus 911 tic of smooth muscle cells  Tinnitus 911  
the presence of numerous small invaginations of the plasma membrane: the 
caveolae. These invaginations work in a similar way to the T tubular system of 
the striated muscle cells, by controlling the Ca ++ ion entry into the cell. 
Besides, saccules of smooth endoplasmic reticulum come into contact with the 
caveolae (a primitive equivalent of the triad of the striated fiber, see figure 
on the previous page).


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