I am writing a bioinformatics tool that uses a database (MySQL)  to
store and fetch data as needed. This tool is generally run on a
distributed system with over a thousand nodes, all or some of which
may be used by my tool depending on who else is using the system. The
problem is that we are not allowed more than 50 concurrent connections
to the MySQL server. So each instance of the tool can't keep a
connection to itself. I have dealt with this in the current version of
my tool which uses the MySQL bindings directly by opening a connection
(waiting if no free connections are available), talking to the
database, and then closing the connection, freeing it for other
instances running on other nodes. Since the majority of the time each
instance doesn't need to talk to the database and is instead
performing analysis on the retrieved data, 50 connections is plenty
for even thousands of simultaneous instances.

Now I would like to use Datamapper rather than raw SQL. Is such
managing of connections possible in Datamapper?


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