I have a problem getting the user’s name property. What am I doing wrong? 
I’m going insane why it’s not getting the name:

NoMethodError at /sican/feed
> undefined method `name' for #<Enumerator: User:find("sican")>

Here’s the get method (commented out are some other alternatives that I’ve 

get '/:nickname/feed' do 
>   @user_name  = User.find(params[:nickname]).name
>   #user = User.get(params[:nickname])
>   #@user_name = user.name
> end

 Here’s the User class:

class User
>   include DataMapper::Resource
>   property :id,         Serial
>   property :uid,        String
>   property :name,       String
>   property :nickname,   String
>   property :created_on, DateTime
>   has n, :posts
> end

Any ideas? 

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