Solved (sort of).  I dug around until I 
found  Here's what 
I did for a workaround:

class WeatherStation
  include DataMapper::Resource

  # property <name>, <type>
  property :id, Serial
  property :callsign, String
  property :lat, Decimal, :precision => 9, :scale => 6
  property :lng, Decimal, :precision => 9, :scale => 6

  def self.process_station(callsign, lat, lng)
    # workaround for
    lat1 = BigDecimal(lat.to_f.round(6).to_s)
    lng1 = BigDecimal(lng.to_f.round(6).to_s)
    WeatherStation.first_or_create({:callsign => callsign}, 
                                   {:lat => lat1, :lng => lng1})

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