Hey guys,

Over the past few days I've started experimenting with the idea of 
implementing the repository pattern on top of ActiveRecord (yes, it sounds 
scary). The motivation came after we were about to kick start a relatively 
large scale system. It would be great to retain the powerfulness of 
ActiveRecord as well as making our app easier to maintain and test. It is 
basically a compromise, a stop gap, if you will. 

I've always liked Datamapper, and Datamapper 2 is shaping up nicely but 
looks like it is still a far way away. So I decided to base my 
experimentation on top of utilising both ActiveRecord and Virtus, the 
attributes component of Datamapper 2.

Eventually I want to add support for using multiple data providers 
(ActiveRecord, Sequel and Datamapper 2, etc) per repository for the same 
entity, among other things.

You can check out what I've been doing here: 

It is an experiment, and it's still too early to see how useful and 
practical it'll become, but I'd love to get some feedback from you guys!


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